Independent - 109 T-Hanger 6.9" Trucks (Set of 2)

  • $52.95

Updated mold of the first generation Indy trucks; perfect for smaller decks, retro cruisers and freestyle decks

Independent continues to be the standard to which all other trucks are measured. Always improving, Indy’s Stage 11 design bring improved turning, improved stability on high speed landings, less wheel bite and overall clearance, improved ''No-Hang-Up'' yoke, and overall strength/durability.

Independent Standard 109 = 6.9" axle width / 55mm height

Technical Features : 

  • 356 aluminum heat treated to T6 condition
  • Non-slip 4140 chromoly steel axles with reduced length rolled threads
  • Grade 8 kingpins
  • Precision drilled pivot, kingpin and mounting holes
  • High rebound cushions

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