Independent - 166 'Stage 4' 9" Trucks (Set of 2)

  • $54.95

Durable, high performance truck for all types of skateboarding.

An update of the original Stage 4 single wing hanger design introduced in 1986. Super quick and responsive and fitted with perfectly sized, original cushions for superior stability, rebound, and snap

Independent 'Stage 4' 166 = 9" axle width / 55mm height

Technical Features : 

  • 356 aluminum heat treated to T6 condition
  • Non-slip SCM435 chromoly steel axles with reduced length rolled threads
  • Grade 8 kingpins
  • Precision drilled pivot, kingpin and mounting holes
  • High rebound 90a cushions
  • 6-hole baseplate pattern accommodates old and new mounting patterns

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